About Us

WhyNotWorking was formed from a simple realization of a few experts who believed in simplifying the latest technology and introducing innovative solutions related to software, social media and entertainment apps to users and help harness its full potential to meet modern day requirements. We aim to inform and empower our users to work seamlessly and effortlessly with these emerging apps, and software in the market.

We are also the leading solutions and service provider of some of the cutting edge software and apps available in the market today. Since inception, we have come a long way in helping organizations automate their business, accounting & finance needs. And at the time of any slipshod or error, we are right by your side, helping you fix it by providing allied support services for these products.

Our products and platforms are meant to keep you abreast with the latest world-class technology and to integrate them to meet your business and personal needs. Our services include tech product reviews, profiling of new tech products, and analysis of new tech trends and how to fix their shortcomings.

WhyNotWorking.com regularly features latest reviews and updates, comprehensive error guide books, and gazettes and support forum so you can operate these software and apps without any hitch. Our clientele includes simple users of these software and apps, tech enthusiast, and all types of businesses including startups, scale-ups, medium, and big enterprises.

We can also suggest you the latest financial solutions and software available in the market today.

We take pride in offering solutions that can fit your business needs and have complete expertise in providing all-round support for some of high-end financial and business accounting software as well. We offer top of the line support service on the resolution of errors and issues through multiple channels such as 24/7 helpline, chat support and email.