Amazon is one of the most successful e-commerce platforms competing closely with the Asian giant – Ali Baba and Ali Express. Amazon Shopping app is one of the most popular and widely used shopping apps. Amazon has an excellent development team that aims to provide an effortless shopping experience to customers by constantly pushing updates to ensure the best performance of the application. Despite this, there are several factors such as network problem, software glitches, invalid settings or data corruption that can cause Amazon app not working issues

In this post, we have highlighted those factors that cause Amazon app to become errant and possible fixes for Amazon app not working errors. Before we get down to troubleshooting some of the common problems such as the app not loading or it keeps crashing, here are some of the major factors that result in Amazon shopping app to malfunction and get stuck. 

Causes of Amazon’s Application Not Working?

Here’s a look at the causes that result in the app to not work and find its related solution. 

·         Amazon Servers are Down: Amazon’s servers may be down due to maintenance or for some other reason. We will let you know how to check this in the solutions part. 

·         Poor Internet Connection: In case of a bad internet connection, websites and application fail to load properly and result in a time out.

·         Android Web View: The problem is limited to only Android devices, but in this case, if the Android Web View not updated, it becomes a plausible cause of Amazon app not working. 

·         Bad Application Data: Amazon stores some application data such as carousel, app grid layout, preferences and other information on your mobile locally. If this application data gets corrupted, then the application won’t load properly.    


#1 Check for Mass Outage

Several sites give a live update about recent service outage that results in Amazon’s services down locally or in a broad area.

Sites such as and periodically monitors and checks the status of the websites and flash info about whether they are down or not. It performs a fresh site status test with the help of its checker tool when you enter the URL of a website and also displays comments from users who are facing a similar issue. Before troubleshooting, you can click on the links above to check for any mass server outage for Amazon services. 

#2 Check Your Internet Connection

Before troubleshooting for any software issue or OS updates in your device, ensure that your internet connectivity is not intermittently going down as this can be a major cause of apps like Amazon shopping app to not load properly or freeze incessantly.  

·           Do a Speed Test to See If You Are Getting the Required Speed

If you are accessing the Amazon shopping app on your phone, try turning OFF the Airplane mode and turning it back on 

·         Reset Your Phone’s Data By Searching For Your Service Provider’s Network

·         Switch To A Wi-Fi Connection Instead

·         Check if other apps are working fine on this network

·         Reboot Your Router: Sometimes it may show connected yet the apps fail to load. Refresh your modem/router by turning it OFF for a minute or and then restart it. You can also reset the network by changing it back to default setting but do note the Wi-Fi password for later. Open Settings and tap on Reset under General>> Reset Network Settings

·            Forget the Network: Your phone retains the network information to connect to your preferred Wi-Fi network every time you switch the Wi-Fi on. But, at times, it may not connect to the default settings and it helps to forget the network and reconnect router with a fresh connection.   

·         In iOS: Go to Settings>> Wi-Fi>> Network>> Tap on “Forget This Network” And reconnect again

·         In Android: OpenSettings>> Wi-FI icon>> Tap and hold on theWiFi network you like to delete>> SelectForget Network and then reconnect again

·            Do not use proxy settings

·            Contact your internet service provider if everything fails to work

Once you’ve checked all of that, your online apps and services should all start working properly again, else move on to the next step. 

#3 Clear Amazon Shopping And Background Apps

The Amazon Shopping may face glitches if the app is kept open and running in the background for a long time. Here’s how you can kill the background app and refresh them on your phone. 

·         In iPhone: Press the Home button twice quickly to bring up the fast app switcher that shows all recently used and open apps.

·         In Android: Swipe up from the bottom to the top of your screen to bring the list of all open apps and sites

Then, Swipe the Amazon Shopping app from amongst all open screens on the phone to force quit the app. You can do the same with the rest of the background apps.

·         You can also force stop the app On Android: Go to Settings>> Apps>> Application Manager>>Look for the Amazon app>> Force stop it (or even uninstall it) 

Once you’re done with the clearing of all background apps, you can relaunch the Amazon Shopping app and see it load properly now.  

#4 Updating Android WebView

Android WebView is a system component powered by Chrome that allows Android applications to display content from the web onto the phone apps. And, since Amazon is a website primarily, an updated WebView is a must for fetching the data properly into the application and also for getting the latest security updates and for other bug fixes. To update it, you can navigate to the Play Store and update it manually.

  • Open Play Store>> Search Android WebView>> Click UpdateRestart your device after the update is complete and check if the issue is resolved

#5 Uninstall and Then Reinstall Amazon Shopping App 

If the above solutions haven’t worked, it’s possible that the app itself is corrupted and therefore not working. To get the Amazon Shopping app up and running again, you can uninstall and reinstall the app.  

·         First, You Need to Delete the App

·         In iPhone: Tap and hold any app on Home screen>> Let all icons wiggle>>Tap on the X mark on the corner of the Amazon Shopping app icon to uninstall it.

·         In Android: Press and hold the Amazon Shopping App>> Click Uninstall 

·         Now go to the App Store or Play Store and search for the Amazon Shopping App and install it.

After reinstalling, you can restart your iPhone and try opening the newly installed Amazon Shopping app to see if it is working fine. 

#6 Reboot/Soft Reset Your Phone

·         To reboot your phone, you can simply power it OFF and ON again. This is a soft reset and a simplest and most effective way to fix may software issues in a mobile device. This will help refresh the system and clear the phone’s internal memory without affecting any saved data. 

·         However, there is another solution for Resetting All Settings On Your Phone. This will override all the current settings on your device and the software will be updated automatically without affecting the saved data in the internal memory.

  • In iPhone: Go to Settings>> General>> Reset>> Click on Reset all settings>> Enter the Passcode and confirm the system settings reset

·         In Android: Go to Settings>> Backup & reset>> Tap on Factory data reset>> Reset phone>> Enter the Passcode>> click on Erase everything. Once done, you can restore your phone’s data.

For further assistance, you can also contact the Amazon Shopping help centre for more advanced solutions. Hope this troubleshooting guide to Amazon App not working issues has helped resolve your problem. Do leave your comments and feedback and let us know if you would like us to cover some other problems or errors in the Amazon app and will be happy to assist you further. 

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