Android Auto Not Working ISSUES AND ERRORS

Android Auto or AA by Google is an app that lets you stream content from your Android phone or tablet to the car’s dashboard screen via USB cable or via Android Auto Wireless connection. The app lets you display a driver-friendly version of the Android apps from your Android phone on to the infotainment display of the car thereby enabling the driver to maintain focus on driving. Through a simple interface and clean design of the app, you can control various useful functions like maps and navigation, music, attend to calls, and text messages, and utilize its integrated voice control and Google Assistant. the app comes pre-installed in the new cars.

There are millions of users of Android Auto out there connecting their Android devices to access the content of their phone on the car’s dashboard screen. Naturally, the issue of interoperability between hardware, and connectivity issues are likely to surface. Most of the commonly reported Android Auto issues hover around hardware and software compatibility. Here are some of the common errors in Android Auto and their fixes. 

  1. Check Location Compatibility

First of all, check the location criteria too (i.e. if you are physically located in one of the countries where it is available). If the answer is a Yes, then check if your phone is compatible with Android Auto.

  • Check Phone Compatibility

Android Auto app not working due to phone compatibility is the no.1 issue faced by Android Auto users. The basic requirement for Android Auto to work is that your phone should be on Android 5.0 or above. 

You can check the android version on your phone by going to Settings >>About Device >> Software Info and check the version your phone currently runs on. 

Of course, your phone should have an active internet connection, preferably a 4G.

  • Check Your Vehicle’s Compatibility

Android management tied up with hundreds of popular vehicle manufacturers for syncing their app in their vehicles. Google is much ahead of Apple when it comes to collaboration and open projects; still Android Auto is an advanced technology that is still not available on every single model. Therefore, do check if your car’s model supports Android Auto. 

  • Check Hardware Connectivity for Android Auto Disconnecting Issues 

If you find that both your car and the phone are both compatible, then the next potential cause of the trouble is using the wrong hardware or the software which hinders the smooth functioning of the app. 

Currently, the Android Auto app supports both; a USB cable and Car receiver connectivity. A USB cable that is above 5ft long can disturb connectivity. 

The technology does not allow a using a third-party USB cable or non-OEM verified cable as it is a fairly new technology for the automotive manufacturersand using athird-party USB cablecan create distortions in connectivity.

Only use a USB cable you got with the phone box. 

Also, people often change “auto receivers” and install a workaround aftermarket solution. Many times these modifications in the vehicle invite drawbacks that they are unaware of. It’s always better to stick to the stock Car Receivers” or “Bluetooth Receiver” as they meet the official Android Auto norms. Seeking support from the receiver manufacturer is also easy in case a problem happens with it. 

  • Reset Your Bluetooth Connection

You can resolve the stuttering issues and unresponsive Bluetooth network by resetting the devices and then reconnecting it. 

  • On your Android device go to Settings>> Connections>> Bluetooth and find the Bluetooth profile you’re trying to pair with
  • Press and hold on it until you a window pops up>> Select Forget
  • Put your Bluetooth device back into pairing mode by going to Connections>> Bluetooth and pair again

  • Video Flow Error

Sometimes the Android Auto working doesn’t show up on the car display. This can be resolved by reconnecting it.

  • Go to “Car Settings”>> “Smartphone Connections”>> Select Reconnect to Android Auto

Remember that adjusting settings is not possible if the vehicle is on the operation.

  • Enable Android Auto

The user-interface of the app differs from one vehicle to another. And if you are using the app for the first time, then remember that the AUTO function is kept disabled by default, so you need to enable it manually from the settings.

  • Open Car Settings>> Scroll down to find “APPS”>> Open More Settings>> Select “Android Auto”>> “Enable after USB Connection” & set it to “ALWAYS” so it works every time you connect the phone
  • Give The App All Permissions

For the Android Auto app to work correctly and create a smooth connected experience, you need to enable all permissions for the app. When you set up the app for the first time, you will be asked to grant all of the necessary permissions to the app such as Location, Contacts, Phone, SMS, and Microphone, and notification access. If you had forgotten to allow these for the first time you can go back to Settings of the app and allow each of these. 

  • On your Android phone go to Settings>> Find the Apps>> Find Android Auto 
  • Under Permissions>> Enable all permissions including Phone and SMS
  • Go back to Settings>> Find Special Access menu>> Grant access to Android Auto by turning the toggle switch 
  • Clear Android Auto App’s Cache

When you clear the cache, it can flush out outdated temporary files and any broken elements that may cause the app to behave erratically.

  • On the Home screen of Android device go to the Settings>> Apps >>Android Auto >>Storage >> tap on Clear Cache button
  1. Regularly update the AUTO app

You can check for any updates available and update the app accordingly. If the problem occurs too often, you can also consider uninstalling the Android Auto app from the Smartphone and reinstall it for a fresh start.

In case you’ve tried all of this, then try contacting your car manufacturer to reset the firmware of the car. We have discussed all the potential solutions for the Android Auto app not working problem in detail. You can follow these simple techniques to resolve all major problems with the Android Auto app. Leave your comments about your experience after you’ve tried these solutions and let us know which one worked for you. 

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