Disney Plus had an abrupt start but it has slowly gathered its acts and now it is working fine in most of the countries. However, in the US it still crops up issues from time to time. And you certainly won’t like to hear your kids winning over those pesky errors that would leave you scrambling for a solution for hours to get the Disney Plus error out of the way. If your app is simply not loading or you are getting an “unable to connect” error message; need not worry. We have got you covered with all the Disney Plus Errors with their credible solutions below. 


While this is rare, it’s possible Disney Plus is not working in entirety, it’s a better idea to first check if 

There is an issue with Disney Plus itself. You can check this on Disney Plus Help on Twitter. You can check their Help center, email them at  DisneyPlusHelp@Disney.com or Call Disney Plus Customer Service (US-only) at: 888-905-7888. Alternatively, you can check for Disney Plus Problems, outage in last 24 hours reported by users on https://downdetector.com/status/disney-plus/.

However, we have explained all the common errors below with easy step wise guide on how to troubleshoot the error.  


Power-cycle your Disney+ streaming devices

  1. Restart your TV, set-top box, mobile handset, or the game console and check if the problem is resolved
  2. Turn off your router for a minute or so and then restart it to fix any download streaming issue
  3. Turn off your modem, wait at least for 30 seconds and then restart 
  4.  You can try to reinstall the Disney Plus apps on your devices.

Ensure That Your Internet Speeds Meets the Minimum Requirement

Check if your wireless router is placed in an area where the signals may be blocked and place it in an open place or connect the router directly to your smart TV, set-top box, or game console. For accessing HD content on Disney Plus you need 5Mbps of download speed, and 25Mbps for 4K streaming.

Older TVs and monitors may have streaming issues if it is set at higher definitions. Your TV or monitor should support HDR content for Disney Plus HD content and HDCP 2.2 for viewing 4K vides

Fixing Disney Plus Problems on Pcs, Smartphone, or Tablet

  1. Check your network connection or Wi-Fi for slow connection or week signal. Turn On and then switch off again the Airplane Mode on your phone to refresh the network. Then turn off your mobile device and back on, too.

Clear Out Your Device’s Cached Data

  1. You can also restart the app, uninstall and then reinstalling it will also help. 
  2. Clear the Cache by going to Settings>> Apps>> Disney+>> Storage>> Select Clear Cache>> Clear Data option
  3. If you are running Disney+ on your PC web browser, clear your browser’s cache
  4. If case of streaming the service from your mobile device to your smart TV via Chromecast, then from the Home screen>> Go to Settings>> Apps>> Chromecast built-in>> Select Clear Cache>> Clear Data
  5. Now restart the TV by pressing the green standby button for over five seconds. You will see a black screen, then you can release the button.
  6. Also ensure that you have the latest app version of Disney Plus installed on your mobile as newer versions come with bug fixes. 

Fixing the Cache Issue with Set-Top Boxes And Game Consoles

  • If you are running Disney Plus on your Amazon Fire TV Stick, smart TV or set-top box then you can go to  Settings>> Applications>> Manage Installed Applications>> Disney+>> Clear Cache>> Clear Data
  • On your Sony PlayStation 4, Go to Settings>> Storage>> System Storage>> Saved Data>> Disney+>> Options>> Delete
  • On Microsoft’s Xbox go to the Home menu>> My Games and Apps>> Select Apps>> Disney+>> Press the Menu button on your Xbox controller>> Click on More Options>> Manage App>> Clear Saved data

Disney Plus Error 42

This is one of the common and twisted error that typically occurs in the peak time. 

Reasons: Server error on Disney’s end or internet issue 

Disney serves brand-new TV show from the history’s biggest franchises and it has fans from world over which clogs their servers. Besides this the internet connection isn’t strong enough, especially while watching the 4K content which requires far more bandwidth. Here are some simple things you could do to resolve it.  

  1. Run an internet speed test (it should be above 5 Mbps to stream properly)
  2. Log out and log back in on Disney Plus on all devices 
  3. Refresh your modem – remove the power chord and letting it rest for 5 minutes and then reconnect 
  4. Disconnect all bandwidth-hogging devices from the Wi-Fi (e.g. video game consoles)
  5. Clear your web browser’s cache (if you’re streaming on a web browser)
  6. Go to Wi-Fi router settings and check if a firmware update is available
  7. In the Wi-Fi router Settings>> change DNS settings to OpenDNS / Cloudflare / Google.
Error CodeCausesPotential Fixes
Error 4Payment issueMake sure your plan is hasen’t expired or you are using your card in a region where Disney+ isn’t available
Error 9Login / Payment issueCheck login info Payment/billing details
Error 13Device limit reachedAllows 4 devices for one plan, lesser devices you use the better, so logout of additional devices
Error 24 / 41 / 42 / 43Login / connection issueCheck internet connection & refresh itSign out and sign back in to Disney+.Check your billing details for service downIf Disney’s servers are overloaded, keep patience
Error 73location and availability issueReboot your modemOn/Off airplain mode of the mobileDisable / enable VPN or PluginReset your locationLogin again
Error 83Compatibility problem with your deviceTurn off and on your deviceDownload Disney+ app from the App Store / Play Store onlyDownload the latest operating system update
Error 86Blocked account /  breach of terms of serviceThe account holder must be over 18 years oldDisable VPNReset location settingsContact customer support

If you are facing some other error that we haven’t covered above, do let us know and we shall guide your way to fix the Disney+ not working error. 

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