Exodus REDUX is a newer form of the original Kodi Exodus addon (also called V8). Exodus Redux looks similar and even has the same logo as Kodi Exodus. However, it is different and better than Kodi Exodus which was abandoned earlier but has been recently revived. Exodus Redux provides enhanced search function for navigation and integration with other tracking services like Trakt for an overall better experience. You can install Exodus Redux for Kodi on an Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K and other streaming devices which will get you through times when the original add on goes down. 

Kodi depends heavily on search features like Exodus Redux, however, since it isn’t an official product but an open source project; at times it can be cranky and becomes volatile with errors and blocks. There have been several instances of Kodi Exodus Redux reported having stopped working. In this guide, we will have discussed in detail about issues and errors with Kodi Exodus and its fixes.

Some Common Kodi Exodus Problems

  • Kodi Exodus ”No stream available” 
  • Exodus Redux deleting itself 
  • Kodi Exodus Error Message
  • Kodi constantly buffering 

Causes of Kodi Exodus Search Not Working

  • Check for incorrect filters which may have been applied and causing the issue with proper search
  • The API Key that tracks and controls how API is being used, may be banned which relates to the search function in Kodi.
  • Check your internet connection if it’s not working properly and if the Firewalls or proxy servers is not causing the hindrance 


#1. Uninstall Exodus Redux

  • Open Kodi>> Click Add-ons from the menu on the left 
  • Find the Package Option on the extreme top left
  • Click My add-ons>> Click Video Add-ons>> Select Exodus>> Click Uninstall and Confirm

How to Install the Latest Exodus Redux In Kodi?

While installing for the first time, you need to enable some settings to install unofficial add-ons on Kodi

  1. Allow 3rd Party Add-Ons
  2. Open Settings menu in Kodi >> Choose Systems>> Select Add-ons>> Show Notifications>> Select Unknown Sources to enable installation of any third party add-on
  • Add Exodus Redux Source To Kodi
  • Return to Settings>> File Manager>> Select Add source>> Write https://i-a-c.github.io/ in the main box at the top & ExodusRedux Repo in the bottom box above the OK
  • Installing the Open Source Repository 
  • Again go back to Settings>> Select add-ons>> Click onPackage Installer icon (top left)
  • Select Install From Zip File>> Select ExodusRedux Repo>> Click repository.exodusredux-x.x.x.zip & install it
  • Finally, Install Exodus Redux Kodi Add-On

Once the repository gets installed, it can be used for downloading the Exodus Redux

  • Select Install from Repository>>Navigate to Exodus Redux Repo>> Video add-ons>> Exodus Redux>> Install
  • It will pop-up a list of dependencies, just press OK to install all and complete the process

Once done, you can check Exodus Redux will be available in the Add-on tab. Open it and search your favorite movies or shows to check if it’s working now.

#2. Use a Good VPN 

Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) tend to make lofty claims about their high-speed, and unlimited internet access but during heavy usage from running media programs like Kodi, their service may slow down and result in throttling the bandwidth. Besides this, there may be some terms in fine prints that users may not notice but it may completely curtail or restrict requests from programs like Kodi. 

The best way to avoid buffering and internet throttling issue and to let your Kodi player work smoothly is to use a good VPN service that can conceal your identity and mask the data usage details. 

#3. Adjust Kodi’s Buffer Mode Settings

  • Click Add-ons on Kodi’s homepage>> Program add-ons>> Click Ares Wizard>> Click Tweaks>> Click Advanced Settings Wizard>>Next
  • ThenAdjust the Buffer Mode button 

Modes 1 and 2 use more RAM as Kodi will buffer all internet streams including FTP in Mode 2 as compared to modes 3 where buffering is limited to streaming from web and Mode 4 in which buffering is totally disabled. 

#4. Delete Temp Files in Kodi

Accumulated temp files and cache can cause Kodi to run out of space and that may result in buffering issue in Kodi, Here’s how you can clear these:

  • Click Add-ons on Kodi>> Program add-ons>>Click Ares Wizard>> Click Tweaks>> Click Maintenance>> Click on Delete ThumbnailsDelete Packages, Delete Cache\Temp    
  • Also, find Exodus Redux from Add-ons>> Select Tools > Exodus Redux: clear cache

#5. Check for the Streaming Time in Exodus Redux 

  • Click Add-ons>> My add-ons>>Video add-ons>> Exodus Redux>> Select Tools from the left menu
  • Click General>> Slide to increase the Providers Timeout to 20-35 seconds>> OK

Check your internet connection and rebooting your cable modem, or router, turn off and turn your device back on. 

#6. Disable the Firewall

If you are using a VPN, it may get blocked by your firewalls and antivirus suites. Check the firewall settings and ensure that the VPN used is granted access to the Internet. Alternatively, you can also disable your firewall temporarily and see if it makes the difference.

  • Go to Control Panel >> System & Security>> Windows Defender Firewall>> Advanced settings
  • Tick mark next to Kodi, else click on the new rule option top-right and allow Kodi to send and receive traffic.

 #7. Adjust Date & Time in Your Device

You can also set your time and date settings in your device to “Present” and update your graphic card in case it may have gotten corrupted, or outdated. 

#8. Try Maintenance and Diagnostic Tool for Kodi

There are other Kodi maintenance and diagnostic tools available which can be downloaded and used to tweak the settings, cache, and resolve other problems like buffering issues in Kodi. Before installing any of these, research about them. Do provide your feedback if the solutions mentioned above have helped you to resolve your Kodi Exodus Redux not working issue. Please feel free to highlight any additional issue with Exodus Redux and we will cover the solutions for the same. 

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