Facebook recently talked-up its Facebook Gameroom app for PC gaming which is seen as its very first push in the casual gaming market. Facebook Gameroom is a Windows-native client that allows players to play web, mobile and native games built exclusively for windows environment. Users can download the Gameroom for PC app for free. The app is free from distractions of ads and news feeds. Players can access a variety of games from casual gaming to premium games and enjoy an exclusive and immersive gaming experience.

 Games that run in a browser are easy to start and play anywhere. Its native environment allows developing better games and performs better in terms of network and memory management and it provides better debugging solutions too. However, users have reported several issues while installing and updating the games or when Facebook Gameroom completely stops working. Here are some of the most common problems and errors in Facebook Gameroom and easy steps to resolve the Facebook Gameroom not working issues.  

Facebook Gameroom Download

Facebook Gameroom app is whitelisted by most anti-virus programs and its installation is easy. You just need to log into a computer that runs on Windows 7 or above. The game is currently not available on Mac or Linux environment.

Here’s the Facebook Gameroom Install Link: www.facebook.com/gameroom>> Click on Free Install and follow the process to download facebook gameroom.


How to Troubleshoot Facebook Gameroom Not Installing Error?

Many users face this issue of Gameroom installation error on Windows 10, 8.1, 7 computers. They are either unable to install the program altogether or can install the program but not run it.

Error: “We Are Unable to Verify the Validity of the Downloaded File”

Reasons for Facebook Gameroom Won’t Install in Windows error?

  • Installer Certificate Has Expired: Windows OS requires a certificate installing programs and when it gets expired, it simply doesn’t allow the installation to complete. 
  • .NET Framework Library is Missing/Needs Update: To successfully install Gameroom, you need an updated .NET Framework else it won’t let the installer run.

Note: Installation problem in Gameroom also happens when there is a restriction placed by the administrator against a software installation. First, check if there is any restriction placed and get it removed.


  1. Install Microsoft .NET Framework 4
  • If you use Windows 7, install Microsoft .NET Framework 4
  • Then, Download the Facebook Gameroom application>> Right-click on the FB Gameroom Installer>> Run As Administrator
  • Windows 10 users don’t need to install Microsoft .NET Framework 4. Instead, they need to download the setup files again and run it as administrator
  • Troubleshoot Compatibility

This problem can also occur when the app is not compatible with the computer. To check the app’s compatibility follow these steps:

  • Right-click on the launcher>> Select Properties>> Click on Compatibility>> Choose Run the Compatibility Troubleshooter & follow the instructions
  • Also, place a check on the Run this program as an administrator option
  • Apply and Save the settings and check if you are able to download the app

C.   Modifying System Date Before Expiry Date Of Certificate

Another simple trick if the app won’t install is to change the system’s date to at least one day before the expiry of the certificate of Gameroom. You can view the details of the Gameroom by following the above steps and then note it down somewhere.

  • Then right-click on the date & time on the Windows taskbar>> Select Adjust date/time>> Set the Automatic Time to Off>> Click Change>> and change the date to at least 1 day before the expiration of the Gameroom certificate.

D.   Reset Browser Settings

  • Open your browser>> Click on the Three Dots at the top-right corner>> Choose Settings>> Advanced>> Reset and Cleanup>> Reset Settings to their Original Defaults and see if the issue has been resolved.

E.   Reinstalling Completely

This may also happen if the user has reinstalled the Gameroom app and there some leftover files that remain on the computer from the previous installation. It is important to remove these files from the PC registry:

  • Download IObit Uninstaller >> Install the application and then again uninstall Gameroom by following instructions
  • Download Gameroom and reinstall it again
  • Check and see if the issue persists

How to Resolve the Facebook Gameroom Won’t Open or Load Games Error

Sometimes an event game fails to run on the Gameroom app. Similar errors occur when it fails to open or load a game and pops errors like “the game crashed”, or “Failed to initialize Direct3D”. In this case, you should try to download the Gameroom app again by following these steps:


  1. Delete the Game and Download it Again
  • Go to Downloaded Games list>> Cross the game by clicking on the Game to delete the game
  • Choose the game and download it again
  • Now right-click on Gameroom and completely close it and then re-open Gameroom
  • Check If Your Graphics Card Driver Is Properly Installed And Updated

This is important to run 3D games on Facebook Gameroom. Also ensure that you have the latest version of DirectX 9.0c and 3D acceleration which is meant for proper running and display of multimedia elements such as video and rich audio, full-color graphics, and 3D animation.

  • Update Your Internet Browser to the Latest Version
  • Re-install the Facebook Gameroom by right-clicking Start>> Program and Features>> Find Gameroom in the list>> Right-click and select Uninstall>> Then reinstall Gameroom from the link given above

Problems With Flash Player In Facebook Gameroom – Windows 10 W/IE

While trying to play a game on Facebook Gameroom, it prompts for installing the Flashplayer. Users may still be able to play the same game as normal on Facebook.

Facebook Gameroom is a Chromium-based app that requires a Flash Player PPAPI plugin (which is not the same as Fash Player plugin in Internet Explorer)


  1. Download Flash Player PPAPI Plugin
  2. Ensure Facebook Gameroom is completely closed, else close it from the Task Manager
  3. Download the Flash Player PPAPI from the official Flashplayer website
  4. Select Windows version – Windows 10/Windows 8
  5. Then select FP 28 for Opera and Chromium – PPAPI
  6. (Ignore any 3rd party offering in the middle of the page)
  7. Click Download now>> Open the downloaded folder and follow the instructions to
  8. Install Flash Player PPAPI and try to run the game again

How to Resolve Facebook Gameroom Black Screen Error

The issue happened with one of the latest Windows 10 updates that seem to have triggered the issue. It is also reported widely by those using Microsoft Edge. During a game session, the screen refreshes several times before turning black and players experience constant slow framerate and freezes.

  1. Install All Pending Windows Updates
  2. Press Windows key + R to open Run option>> Type “ms-settings:windowsupdate >> Enter>> Click on Check for updates>> If there are updates pending, install them
  3. After installing, reboot the computer and check if the issue is resolved
  • Enable Adobe Flash Player From Edge Settings

Microsoft Edge automatically permits the use of Adobe Flash Player but at times due to any extension or a third party software, it can trigger this error.

Here’s how to configure Microsoft Edge to play Adobe Flash Content:

  • Open Microsoft Edge>> Click on the 3 dots icon at the top-right>> Go to Settings.>> Advanced>> Toggle the button next to Use Adobe Flash Player to enable flash player
  • Check if the issue is resolved else move to the next step

C.   Reset Microsoft Edge

Sometimes stacked cash, cookie, temp file or a bad configuration file can lead to the Gameroom Black screen error. Here’s how you can reset the Microsoft Edge browser to resolve the issue:

  • Launch Microsoft Edge browser>> Click on the 3 dots icon at the top-right>> Go to Settings.>> Scroll down to Clear Browsing Data>> Click on “Choose What to Clear” button
  • You can also clear the Form Data and Passwords by ticking the box next to it>> Click on Clear Button
  • Once done, reboot the computer and start MS Edge and see if you can run the game successfully
  • Disable Video Acceleration

Turning off video acceleration in Microsoft Edge helps to run Gameroom without issues. This is an effective fix to eliminate the lagging issues on a computer with a modest GPU.

  • Press Windows key + R to open the Run window>> Type “inetcpl.cpl”>> Press Enter to reach to the Internet Options>> Advanced>> Find the Accelerated graphics option>> Check the box next to the option Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering>> Click on Apply to confirm the action
  • Reboot the computer and launch Gameroom again to see if the issue is resolved

If the issue persists, you can try Gameroom on a different browser or you can try the repair install or update repair of Windows which is similar to re-installing Windows 10, however, it retains your personal files and programs. There is a separate guide for this for which you can check the internet resource, however, proceeded with caution.

Here is an easy guide to resolving the Facebook Gameroom not working issues. Hope this will help you resolve the error in your Gameroom app. Do drop your comments and suggestions and let other users know as well what has helped you get rid of the error in your Gameroom.

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