Gmail is one of the biggest and most trusted web-based email services with more than 1.5 billion users worldwide. Not many are aware of its hidden utilities and features that lay unexplored in the settings. Gmail is a part of work and is linked in many ways to personal usages and therefore proper functioning of this service is important. Many a times, the app stops loading, users temporary get errors while sending or receiving emails or Gmail doesn’t load in Google Chrome, etc. There can be many reasons like issues with the web browser extension or to add-ons, cookies and cache, syncing issue that create conflicts. 

Issues with Gmail:

  • Unable to send / receive emails/ mail is stuck in send
  • Emails not loading
  • Account not synced” error
  • Gmail Inbox does not update
  • It stops rendering mail notifications 


1. Ensure that your browser works with Gmail: Although Chrome is the recommended browser, other browsers such as Firefox, Safari, internet explorer work well with Gmail. In case you are using any of these browsers and you are getting Javascript or cookies error , do make sure that the cookies and java scripts are turned on. 

2. Use Another Browser Or Device: You can also try to login with another supported browser installed on your computer, or access your Gmail account on a different computer or a mobile device and ideally using a different network to eliminate the cause of error.  

3. Disable Browser Extension Or Plug-In: Sometimes browser extension or plug-in may cause conflict with Gmail and cause the loading problem. The best way to find this out is by loging in Incognito mode and check if Gmail is loading. If it does, disable the extension or plug-in temporarily and try loading Gmail to see if the problem is fixed. To disable, you can click on Chrome on top right three vertical bars>> go to Settings>> Click Extensions>> Pull back the radio button to turn each browser one by one.

4. Clear Browser’s Cache and Cookies: Clear cache, delete cookies, browsing history, and personalization, as this also helps curb loading or formatting issues. You can do this by clicking the top right three vertical bars>> go to Settings>> Privacy and security>> Clear Browsing data and select appropriate entries. 

5. Delete Gmail Labs: These are add-ons the impart a few extra functionalities to Gmail client like a canned response, auto-advance to next mail, smart labels, etc. At times, People may not be familiar with it, and although they have some nifty uses, it is worthwhile to test the Gmail client without them. Login to Gmail account>> click on Gear icon>> choose Setttings>> click on Labs>> Disable one by one>> Click on Save Changes. If Gmail now works, then Labs must have been the cause.


  • 1. Open the Gmail app.
  • 2. On the left, tap three vertical bars>> Settings.
  • 3. Tap your account>> Make sure “Sync Gmail” box is checked

7. Check if Gmail is Down: At times, there may be an issue with the Gmail servers. You can check if Gmail is down on sites like Down Detector or Down for Everyone or Just Me. If their servers are down, then wait for a while and try logging back in. 

8. Temporarily Disable Antivirus Software: In some instances, your antivirus or parental control software may responsible for creating the conflict. Temporarily disable the antivirus and similar tools and retry. If it works, enable antivirus only after marking Gmail as a safe option. 

9. Check Your Internet Connection: A slow internet connection can cause Gmail to freeze, or not load properly. Do a speed test to see if the network speed is fine or contact your internet service provider for internet issues. 

10. Adjust Your Browser Privacy Settings To Medium: If your browser privacy settings are set to high, it may hinder the loading of Gmail. Either set privacy settings to medium or add to the list of allowed sites for proper loading of your Gmail client. 

11. Reinstall the Browser: Although it is now common for the browser to get corrupted, yet delete and reinstall the browser. If you are using a Gmail client, you can delete and download it again from the app store. 

12. Clear Your Gmail Information

Warning: This procedure may erase your messages, signature, and other settings. Therefore this is one of the last resorts if the above steps do not work. 

  • 1. Click on 3 vertical bars at the top>> Click on Settings Gear.
  • 2. Click Apps & notifications?? App info.
  • 3. Tap Gmail>> Storage>> Clear data >> Ok
  • 4. Restart your device.

13. Contact Gmail for Help: Gmail help has a guide to fix Gmail related errors and offer solutions by submitting questions to the community for an answer.  Gmail is a wonderful service and nowadays many other accounts and utilities are linked to it. Therefore, it is imperative for the Gmail account to function properly. Once it starts to act cranky or throw errors, one needs to be patient to resolve the issue. The above steps will help you get back on track but in case you are not able to figure out the logical recourse, do comment and let us know and we shall feature further troubleshooting for your Gmail not working issues. Feel free to drop us your views or comments, and we’ll be sure to update this article in the near future.

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