You are all set to download your favorite app from Google Play Store and there it goes throwing an error message or hangs incessantly. Google Play Store is not free from glitches and errors. User can encounter several issues like the Google Play Store won’t load or crash upon opening, it may fail to download or install an app or download other contents like shows, movies or music, the Play Store may hang or the update may get stuck and won’t complete. We’ve discussed these error codes towards the end of this guide.  

Identify the Cause of The Error 

Before proceeding to a bunch of steps to fix the issue with Google Play Store, you need to make sure that this is not a mass problem and something wrong at Google’s end. You can check for the service outage at sites like downdetector that displays outage map with current problems and downtime reported live on sites. If lots of people have reported similar problems, then all you can do at the moment is wait for Google to fix it. However, if all is working fine at Google’s end, then you can proceed to troubleshooting steps given below to resolve Google Play Store not working issues.  

#1. Start with the Basic Steps

Restart your phone which is a quick solution to many issues. But, if the problem persists, then follow a few other simple steps like ensuring that the date & time in your phone is set right and your internet connection is working fine and other sites are getting downloaded. You might like to turn the Airplane Mode On and then Off once. 

# 2. Force Stop the Google Play Store App

Let the app take a break by force stopping it so it stops using the memory and processing the code that is running silently in the backgroundForce stopping the Google Play Store app will helpkill the app’s process and reset it. 

·         (On Android 9) Go to Settings>> Go to Apps>> Apps & notifications>> See All apps>> Select Google Play Store>> Select Force Stop

#3. Clear Cache and Clear Data from Play Store

This is an effective way of clearing temporary data, gives the app a fresh start so that the issues in the Play Store can be sorted out. 

·         Go to Settings>> Tap Apps & notifications>> All apps>> Tap on Google Play Store >> Storage>> Clear Data

·         Also tap on Clear Cache

·         Now re-open the Play Store and proceed with downloading the app you want 

#4. Delete the Cache from Google Play Service

The service works in the background and allows applications to sync and communicate with the device and send notifications. Clearing cache help terminates certain services and patches up the fragments. 

·         Settings>> Choose Apps (Application manager)>> Find Google Play Services app>> (Storage) Clear cache.

·         You can also go back to Settings and select Manage space or Manage storage>> Tap Clear all data.

#5. Install Google Play Service’s Latest Version

Installing the latest version of Google Play Store and Google Play Service helps these apps to become more stable and utilize the power of Google-platform in a better way. By updating these services, you can receive what Google has to offer in a faster and easier manner. 

·         Go into the Google Play Store App>> Press the Menu button (three vertical bars on top left-hand corner)>> Go to Settings>> General>> Tap on Auto Update>> Check the option Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi 

#6. Update Google Play Service

Google Play Service is a package of APIs that negotiate Google’s advanced services. It helps to launch automatic updates, introduce new features and settings to Google Play. All the requests of the Play Store pass through this Service. Therefore, it is crucial for all apps to function properly. 

Here’s the link to install the updated version of Google Play Services, simply click on update option if you see one. 

#7. Reset Your Google Account

This is one of the advanced steps because when you refresh your Google account not only will it reset the Google Play Store but it will also reset the entire phone. You need to remove the Gmail account then add it again. 

  • Go to Settings (“Users and Accounts” depending on settings)>> Tap Accounts>> Tap the Google account you would like to remove>> Click Remove Account. You need to do this for each Google account on your device.

After deleting all accounts, you need to add your Google account. 

·         Go to Settings>> Accounts & Sync>> Tap on Add Account or Press “+”>> Tap on Existing>> Enter Google/Gmail account and password>> Sign-in 

#8. Enable Download Manager

Internet Download Manager is a tool meant for scheduling and managing downloads. In case of a process breakdown, the service recovers and resumes the interrupted download. If this service is disabled, then it will cause issues with downloading anything from the Play Store.

Go to Settings>> Tap Apps (Application manager)>> Select All>> Find Downloads or Download manager. If you see the Download manager disabled, the toggle the Enable button. 

#9 . Uninstall Previous Updates to Google Play

Since Google Play Store is a system app, you won’t be able to uninstall it. Instead, you can uninstall the previous updates from the app as this might help to curb the problem.

·         Go to Settings>> Tap on Apps or Application manager>> Choose All>> Google Play Store>> Uninstall updates

If there is no resolution to the issue, then you can go back and reinstall the updates. 

#10. Factory Reset Your Smartphone

This is the last and a bit of an extreme step, but if none of the above steps have helped, then you need to factory reset the phone. Make sure you perform a complete backup before attempting this.

Go to Settings>> Tap Backup & reset>> Do not forget to toggle on the option – Back up my data>> Tap Back up account and select the account where you want the data to be backed up to. 

Then go to Backup & reset>> Select Factory data reset>> Confirm. Your phone will be restored to the original condition and you will be able to retrieve the data you backed up automatically. 

Google Play Store Error Codes & Fixes
Error 101Many Apps Installed: You need to clear some space and uninstall some unwanted apps
Error 403Download Impossible: If using 2 Google accounts, use the correct one and delete the other
Error 481Error in Google account: Remove account and use correct one
Error 491Download & Updates Impossible: Remove and add the Google account again ()
Error 498Your phone cache is full. Wipe cache partition *
Error 504Clear Cache & Data on Google Play Store and Google Play Service / Remove and  re-add Gmail account
Error 911Clear Play Store date / resolve Wi-Fi connection / Turn Off & On the mobile data
Error 919Downloading works but app won’t open: Clear space on your phone ()
Error 921Cant download an app: Delete Play Store’s Cache and Data, remove & add Google account
Error 927Play Store is already updating, so do not attempt any troubleshooting steps. Just wait until it finishes
Error 941Clear Cache & Clear Data on Google Play Store and Google Play Service ()
Error: rpc:aec:0]Remove Google account and all synced account, Clear Play Store Data and Reboot

press and hold the Volume Up + Volume Down + Power simultaneously>> Navigate the Recovery Mode menu from volume up & down button>> Select Wipe Cache Partition with the help of the power button>> Select Reboot once done

After performing these steps, you will be able to resolve the Google Play Store not working issues. Do let us know about any additional issues you are facing with your Google Play Store and we will be glad to answer your questions. 

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