Instagram has become one of the most popular social media sites due to its engaging photo based feeds which appeals to both individuals and businesses alike. The site works well most of the time except during some occasions when it throws unexpected errors like site not loading or crashing, logging, tagging, or posting issues and other such bugs.

Here are some of the most commonly faced Instagram issues and their resolution.

Common Instagram Errors:

  • Instagram login error
  • An Unknown Network Error Has Occurred
  • Sorry, something went wrong
  • Sign up error
  • Permission Errors on Instagram
  • Instagram publishing errors
  • Instagram ads are not delivering
  • Errors When Uploading Videos

These may sound like different problems, but most of the time one needs to follow some standard troubleshooting steps before moving on to working on a specific issue. Here are some standard steps you need to follow:

  1. Instagram is Down

Although it rarely happens, however, at times their servers may be down. There is no official Twitter account for Instagram to show if Instagram is having a breakdown and exactly what they are facing at the moment. However, don’t just keep scouring – get the right info about any outage or service disruption at an early stage, simply download the Down Detector; a utility that collects status reports to validate, analyze and detect outages.

  • Problem accessing Instagram account?
  • If you get an email from Instagram saying you have changed your email address, do the following:
  • Change password to a stronger one
  • Can change your email address
  • Revoke access to third-party apps
  • Enable two-factor authentication
  • Contact Instagram Support
  • Fixing the Instagram App Issue

Restart your deviceUninstall and reinstall the app

Check your internet connection

  • Instagram Login Error – “Sorry There Was a Problem With Your Request”?
  • Check if Instagram Server is down
  • Try logging in from another devices or networks
  • Log-in through your Facebook account
  • Download Parallel Space App to create a clone of your Instagram account and login from this account
  • Reset your phone
  • How to fix Instagram Errors – “Sorry, Something Went Wrong” / “An Unknown Network Error Has Occurred” ?
  • Restart device
  • Check internet connection
  • Clear Cache and data of the app – Go to Setting >> Application Setting>> All Apps>> Instagram>> Clear Cache & Data>> Force Stop Instagram
  • Check your Date and Time – Go to Settings >>Date & Time>> Manual>> Set The Year To 4 Years In The Future>> login to Instagram>> Again reset Date & Time to Automatic
  • Update the App
  • If that doesn’t work, then uninstall and re-install the app
  • Sign up error while making a new Instagram Account

Instagram won’t let you sign-up because the email, contact info, device IP you are using to register has been used for spamming or violating rules of Instagram and these credentials have been banned. Blocks usually expire in a day or two, if not try logging in from a different device or use a different phone number and/or a different browser to register.

  • Troubleshooting Permission Errors on Instagram

While promoting an Instagram post, Instagram uses your connected Facebook Page to identify the connected add account. In case you change the FB page linked to your Instagram professional account, then it may create the permission error.

First check if your Instagram professional account is connected to an FB Page under Settings>> Linked Accounts.

Now change the Facebook Page linked to your Instagram professional account:

1.     Go to profile>> Tap 3 vertical bars >> Settings >> Account>> Linked Account>> Facebook>> Unlink Account >> Confirm

Next, add the Facebook Page to Instagram professional account:

1.     Log into the Facebook Page >> Instagram profile >> Tap Edit Profile

3.     Under Public Business Information>> tap Page>> Select the Page that you manage

4.     Try promoting the post again

  • Instagram Showing Errors While Uploading Videos

While uploading a video, it just keeps circling and hangs and doesn’t proceed or in some cases it may pop a message. “There was an issue importing your video. Please try again.”

You need to check certain things to resolve this error.

  1. Check your network connection

This is by far the most common reason. Your connection can be flaky that may cause to break a large file upload without outwardly seeming so. This can happen while on the move or in the transition from one hotspot to another. Make sure you are using your strongest connection. If cell network is not strong switch to your Wi-Fi or vice versa.

  • Try disabling and re-enabling the connection, restart your phone to resume the connection that’s degraded overtime.
  • Try clearing the Instagram Cache – Go to settings>> Select Instagram under apps>> Go to Storage >> “clear cache”. It won’t log you out but will just delete the images that have otherwise been cached.
  • Try uninstalling the app and reinstall the app

B) Your Video Might Not Be Meeting the Instagram Standards

Instagram has a limited range of formats, sizes, and technical specs designed to fit most phones for videos you can post.  You may be recording in a different format or a different size. Try recording video by using another device or edit video in a different app before uploading.

  • Video files should be MP4s encoded with the help of H.264 video encoder and should also be AAC audio coded.
  • Your video FPS (frame rate per second) should be 30 frames (FPS) as Instagram does not support 60FPS videos for posts and Stories.
  • Your video bitrate should be 3500 kbps – higher bit rates are not supported and lower bitrate, but many impact quality and its support.
  • The video file size should be under 50MB (some recommend under 20MB). Larger ones take longer time to upload, create issues, and fails.
  • Video posts must be between 3 seconds to 60 seconds long. There are different requirements for videos in stories and for IGTV.
  • Your video size should be typically 1080 pixels with a resolution of 4:5 Larger videos take more time to process, lead to errors, and may be scaled down and thus suffer quality loss.

 There are many powerful video editing tools that will export videos after choosing “Instagram” as a format and it will do the rest of the work for you like adjusting the audio levels, trim sections, adjust color balance, and give it other post-processing effects.

  • Check if Your Account or Video was Blocked

There may be cases when the video or your account has been blocked and you will receive a specific notification for the same without the exact reason mentioned though. This may be related to pornography, violent content terms, has too much skin tone or too poor bitrate that may baffle the automatic filters into thinking it’s some sort of pornographic stuff.

They also majorly rely on reports and removal rather than aggressive filtering.

  • Mass unfollowing and following is banned
    • Posting extremely frequently is banned.
    • Posting copyrighted content is banned and may get detected or reported

These are some of the most common issues faced by users on Instagram. If you have any other issues that you are facing with Instagram account and need a tip for fixing it, you may comment to us and we will help you in fixing it.

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