QuickBooks Pro Error Code 6129 0

On the off chance that you are operating QuickBooks software for your company’s payroll and accounting the executives, at that point you probably experienced QuickBooks Error Code 6129 0. Confronting this mistake during operating the software is exceptionally normal. The justification this may vary. This mistake can stop your accounting work and can set aside a long effort to work on the off chance that it is confronting normal issues.

QuickBooks Error Code 6129 0 is displayed when the verification of the database connection fails or QB attempts to get to company files. Because of the error, QuickBooks client can’t open the company file. On the off chance that there is a network issue in the network utilized by the software, at that point it can’t discover the computer or the worker that holds the file.

You may see the accompanying error message when making or opening a QuickBooks Desktop company file

Error code: -6129, 0: Database connection verification failure


QuickBooks error code 6129, 0 is seen on the screen, when the database connection verification disappointed, or when the software is hoping to get to the company files. This really brings about precluding the client to open the company file. This error can be a cycle irritating for the clients to deal with, however, we will facilitate the interaction for you, by talking about the causes and fixes for it.

Why This QuickBooks Error Code 6129 0 Occur?

There are many reasons that may create QuickBooks error 6129, 0. Few are as:

  • All the computers used in multi-user configuration mode are not using the latest QuickBooks version.
  • Because of data files with corrupted network.
  • Due to mismatch between client and server domain.
  • A company file upgraded to a new version of QuickBooks Desktop using a non-Windows Administrator profile
  • Damaged network data file (.ND)

Symptoms of QuickBooks error code 6129, 0

Discussing the symptoms of QuickBooks error 6129, 0, there can two or three signs and symptoms that can help the client in distinguishing the error. Allow us to discover a couple of the signs of this error:

  • This error code appears on the screen and an active window crashes.
  • The system crashes with the error code, on running the same program.
  • Another symptom for the same can be sluggish window functioning to the keyboard or mouse response.
  • Also, if the system freezes, then this error could be identified.

How to fix this QuickBooks Error 6129, 0?

There are a great deal of investigating steps to fix this error. Prior to continuing to the steps, affirm that all computers in your QuickBooks installation have been upgraded to the current QuickBooks discharge.

Condition 1: You are creating a new company file:

  • Choose the “Exit or leave” option, On the easy action Interview window.
  • You need to be triggered to “Save the file“, just choose “Yes” option.
  • Enter a different file name, then choose the “Save” option.

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Condition 2: In case of opening or updating the company file

  • In this case, the client needs to initially open an example company file to perceive if the issue is identified with the file or not. In case the issue happened to all the company files, at that point the client needs to evaluate the strategies specified later in this article
  • Additionally, the client needs to initially sign in as windows admin and afterward complete any arrangements further.

Solution 1 : Sign in to Windows as an Administrator


Ordinarily, the client may experience issues, when they have not signed in to admin. In this way, to fix the error, the client can attempt to sign in to Windows as admin. The client is needed to have a go at opening another company file, trailed by logging into Windows as an admin to update the company file. In case the client isn’t having an Admin login, at that point in that case the client should discover support for windows or an IT proficient for direction.

Solution 2: Creating another folder and navigate to the QuickBooks company files

The absolute first solution is to make another organizer and move to the QuickBooks company file. The steps associated with this interaction are as per the following:

  • First of all, the user needs to create another file folder.
  • Followed by selecting the QuickBooks company files to the new folder.
  • The above step makes it easy for the user to open the QB company file using the new folder if the user has been using QuickBooks on one system.
  • Moving ahead, move to the next step if he/she is using the same file on more than one system.
  • And then, in the process is to click on the Start button.
  • The next step in the process is to select the Programs option.
  • Followed by, clicking on the QuickBooks and selecting the QuickBooks database server manager.
  • Now, the user should click on the scan folders option.
  • If there is no folder having the company file, then click on the Add folder option and then add it.
  • After that, hit on Scan button.
  • Moving to the next step, the user is supposed to click on close, once the scanning process comes to an end.
  • The last and final step is to open the QuickBooks company file and ensure whether the same is working or not.

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Solution 3: Update your QuickBooks desktop to latest

To resolve this error you can update your QuickBooks desktop to latest release version.

  • Open your QuickBooks Desktop and navigate to the Help menu and choose the Update QuickBooks Desktop option.
  • After that go to the Update Now tab. 
  • After that choose Get Updates to begin the download.
  • Once the download process did you need to restart your QuickBooks desktop once.
  • You will get prompted with some instructions to accept the option to install the new release.

Solution 4: Rename QuickBooks Network Files (.ND)

  • Firstly open the folder where your company file is saved.
  • Look on your hard drive or the system for QuickBooks files that are named with the extension “.nd”.
  • Rename the file to an old company file name by right-clicking on the file and choosing “Rename”.
  • Type “.OLD” as the file extension and press “Enter”.
    • In case one has to access the same company file on multiple computers, then make sure you follow these steps for all the files.
    • In case the Company File is used on one computer only, then you can open the file right away.
  • Click on the Windows Start Button > Programs > QuickBooks > QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  • Select on the “Scan Folders” Tab.
  • In case there is no folder that contains the required Company File, then Add a “new Folder”.
  • Click on the “Scan” tab
  • Click the “Close Option” once the scan is completed.
  • Finally, Open the “Company File”.

Solution 5: Turn off the Anti-Virus using safe mode

Along these lines, another technique that one can decide on is to kill the anti-virus utilizing safe mode. The steps to be done in this interaction are as per the following:

  • Initially, the user is required to restart the system without changing the safe mode.
  • After that, the user is required to turn off the running anti-virus software.
  • The next step is to create another company file.
  • Now, the user is required to keep the system in the normal working mode.
  • And then, reboot the system.
  • Once done with that, the user is required to open the QuickBooks and open the company files.
  • The last step in the process is to check whether the QuickBooks error 6129, 0 is appearing or not.

Solution 6: Ensure that all the connected Computer are working on one single Domain

Be sure to contact a “Network Administrator” or an “IT professional” to connect all the computer systems on one single domain.


Solution 7: Performing the solution at the time of Easy Step Interview

When none of the steps worked in your favor, try to perform the steps below at the time of easy step interview.

  • First of all, the user is required to click on leave when the user is in Easy Step Interview.
  • After that, when the message Save the file? gets displayed on the screen, then hit Yes.
  • The final step is to enter the file name and click on the Save option.


QuickBooks error code 6129, 0 could be seen when the client attempts to make another company file. Be that as it may, following the techniques expressed above can be useful to fix this bug. In the event that the client can’t fix this error even subsequent to following the above-recorded steps, at that point, it is smarter to counsel a few experts who have long periods of involvement and ability.

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