Snapchat is a widely popular multimedia messaging app with millions of active users from around the world. The app and a fun way to keep in touch with friends and family and it has seen a massive rise in user activity over the past few days leading to server outages at times.
It gets really frustrating when the app doesn’t work especially when you forget to reply to messages that tend to quickly disappear after you see it al the more difficult to keep tap of what you and the other person were talking about. There can be several issues with Snapchat like login error, or not able to send messages and outages that may keep you off the loop for quite some time. Here are some simple steps to follow when your Snapchat is down and out.

Check if Snapchat is Down

If there is an issue with Snapchat or some of its features aren’t working properly, this is mostly due to technical error or their servers are overloaded with requests or undergoing maintenance. The first logical step is to check if the issue is at the Snapchat’s end.

To verify if other users are also facing issues like Snapchat not loading, unable to send or receive messages caused due to Snapchat outage, you can head straight to Snapchat Twitter handle. It will inform about the latest outages on Snapchat and how long it is expected to take to be up and running.

Check Down Detector for Snapchat outages. It is a crowdsource platform that displays information about outages as reported by hundreds of thousands of users and by tracking all kinds of forums and sites to provide a real-time picture of outages, shows error reports and live outage map for the specific area. It shows the down status as – No problems at Snapchat or Problems at Snapchat.

If there is an issue with the Snapchat’s servers, then there isn’t much you can do about it except to wait for a few hours until their technical team fixes it up.

  1. Restart Phone and Login Again

If everything is all right at the Snapchat’s end, and the app is still not working for you, then you should try the other options. First close the app and reopen it or logout and log back in. This may resync the app with the server, and may fix the problem. If the problem persists, you can check for the lapps latest update on Google Play Store or App Store. You can also try resetting your phone, however, you should exhaust the other options mentioned below before completely resetting your phone.

  • Check Your Connection

  • If the app seems to be stuck or specific snaps aren’t loading, then its worth checking your internet connection. A slow internet connection can cause the app to freeze, or not load properly. You can do the following:

• Do a speed test to see if the network speed is fine
• Turn On the Airplane mode & then off again / reset your data by searching for your service provider’s network
• If the network is down, turn off data and switching to Wi-Fi
• Reset the router as it may also solve the problem
• Check if other apps are working fine
• Else, contact your internet service provider for internet issues

3. Disable Proxy Server

Snapchat might stop working if it detects a third-party app and if you are using a VPN for browsing, it may cause Snapchat to not open. Disable the proxy VPN by following these steps:

• Open the Control Panel >> Click Network and Internet>> Internet Options
• Click Connections tab>> Click LAN settings button
• Check “Automatically detect settings”
• Uncheck “Use a proxy server for your LAN”
• Click OK, and Apply
• Re-launch Snapchat

4. Check App’s Network Permissions

If your internet speed shows a strong connection and if you have checked it with other apps that may be functioning correctly, then there are chances that the there is an issue with the app’s permission. Snapchat may not have the correct permissions to launch or function properly. Necessary permissions like the Location, Phone, Storage, have to be enabled. There is a simple way to check permissions granted to Snapchat from within the app itself.

How to Edit Snapchat Permissions?

  • Go to Settings>> Permission>> App Permission>> and turn all necessary permission

5. Clear app’s cache for Snapchat Freezing issues

Most of the apps download certain files, scripts, media and other types of data onto your phone to facilitate the interaction every time you revisit the app. However, if these files get corrupted it can cause Snapchat to function properly. Clearing out these files will help to fine-tune the app and you needn’t worry as it won’t make you lose any data or snaps either.

How to clear Snapchat’s cache?

• Open Snapchat>> Go to your Profile>> Click Settings>> Clear Cache

Troubleshooting Snapchat Errors 
Snapchat Login and new accounts issues·        Check Your Username and Password for spelling errors Check your internet connectionUninstall any unauthorized third-party apps or plugins – Go to 3 vertical bars at top right of the Chrome browser>> More Tools>> Extensions>> RemoveDisable VPNUn-root your deviceRemove Jailbreak from your deviceAccount locked for safety purpose – Contact Snapchat help  
Snapchat Installation or update issues·        Troubleshoot iOS install issues ·        Android install issues ·        For Jailbroken iPhones Use “NoSub” tweak to disable Cydia SubtrateUninstall the “xCon” tweakUse a “jailbroken iOS cleaning app,” like iCleaner
Snapchat Camera Issues        ·      Check Your internet connection ·      Check for the app updates ·      Restart your device
Camera Looks Zoomed-In ·        Affected phones: Phone XSiPhone XR, or Pixel 3 New update on the way for Galaxy S10S9 or Note 9 
New Camera Feature Isn’t Available Yet Google Play Store or iOS App Store for the latest Snapchat updates
Video Snaps Don’t Have Sound  Check the silent mode and un-mute it Check if Snapchat has permission to access your microphone (step 5 above)
 Long Snap Isn’t Working ·        Your device may not support this feature  
Snapchat Memories IssuesMemories won’t Appear or Load or appears grey Update Snapchat to the latest version Clear CacheTurn off device completely for 1 minute and turn it back on
Memories are Lost Free up storage space / Clear Cache Follow above steps firstMay be, your memories weren’t backed up
Snapchat Custom Filters or lenses issuesFilter or Lens Is Live, but Doesn’t Show Up Enable location permission Enable Filters and Lenses – Go toSnapchat settings>> Additional Services>> Manage>> Filters & Lenses>> Enable 
“Asset Too Large” Filter Error Message ·        You get this error when you try to upload your Filter design Ensure filter image is exactly 1080 x 2340 pixelsImage file size to be under 300 KB (.PNG file compressor)Save your image at a resolution of 72 DPI (else it will give invalid asset error if the DPI is too high)Ensure that your design doesn’t cover too much of the screen
Issues Purchasing Filters or Lenses Online Firewall, VPN or ad blockerClear your browser’s cache and cookies  
Issues Purchasing Filters or Lenses in the App ·        Clear Cache Turn ON in-app purchase Open Settings in your device>> Click Screen Time>> Content & Privacy Restrictions>> Enter passcode if prompted>> Toggle ON the In-App Purchases’ is toggled on  

The above steps should be followed sequentially to clear the errors in Snapchat. Except for the Snapchat server issue, the above steps will help fix Snapchat errors quickly and easily to avoid annoying delays and other snags with Snapchat. If you face any error not mentioned above, hit us up with the details, and we will try to include it in our next update.

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