Tinder is the most used dating app and one of the best means for hookups or finding a partner. With more than 50 million people using Tinder, the app is bound to face issues.

Tinder works in sync with Facebook. You are required to sync it with Facebook while signing up. The logic behind is that Tinder matches you with people of similar interests, and the ones who are close to your geo-location. And for this purpose, it fetches data from your Facebook account, like your friends, what you like, contacts, etc. However, at times Tinder stops working and you may also see an error message like Facebook login canceled when you try to log into your Tinder account. There are many instances where the users are Not able to read messages from previous contacts, Unable to reply to older messages, Unable to see new likes and more. But don’t worry, here’s a detailed guide on Tinder errors with multiple solutions to resolve Tinder not working issues. 

#1. Tinder and Facebook Permissions Fix

Users having issues with Facebook permissions is a common recurring problem despite Tinder claiming that it has solved it. Users report a Facebook Login Cancelled message appears while connecting with Tinder. Others have reported that they are unable to get into their account and when they do, all their matches and messages seem to have gone.

Tinder uses Facebook to let people log in and exchange information about their profiles and sensitive data such as pictures and friends lists. 

The problems surfaced with the latest updates made by Facebook to its login service in the wake of some scandals where intruders were collecting user information from the site under the garb of making friends. But this knee jerk response of Facebook has inadvertently impacted the world’s most popular apps. The change seems to have stopped Tinder from getting access to the information about users from Facebook. That includes their logging in and getting into the app.

Solution: Thankfully, there is a workaround to this. The issue can be fixed by logging in to the web version of Tinder. People who have logged in from the website haven’t had the issues since then, and are able to see their missing matches, previous messages, and can respond to them too. 

#2. Messages and Likes Disappear on Tinder

  • Likes on Tinder Disappear

Many people report that their likes seem to disappear and someone who liked them also cannot be seen. 

  • Tinder Block All Conversations 

While in the middle of talking to people and messaging someone, you find that they have disappeared. 

  • Unable to See Messages

Another major problem is that users may not see the new message coming on tinder. Others get the messages but can’t open them. They can’t open conversations or see the new likes, or message new users on Tinder. When they try messaging a New user they get an error message –  unable to message this user with a blank screen. 


  • Go to your notifications and you can open the original message from there. Thereafter, you can also reply to the message, check your likes, and the conversations boxes are all accessible and working. This is a simple workaround to tinder new messages disappearing and unable to reply to new messages. 
  • There is another solution to this as well. When you are unable to see new messages on tinder, all the new messages and matches are getting settled at the very bottom of the list for some reason. To reverse it, you can try erasing some of the older, redundant messages and you will see that the new ones will start appearing and you can also finally answer to these new messages.  

#3. Unable to Load Tinder 

Another common issue with Tinder is when you are stuck on the same loading screen with No pics, No buttons, and Not able to respond to people, etc. Some users also cannot view their profiles and all they can see is their main picture, maybe check their like or not, but that is it. They are unable to leave a message, cannot read the profile or view alternate pics. They may not see suggestions, make any selection, and Tinder just flashes and refreshes the screen or goes to a blank screen with a spinning circle that seems to never seize.


Try switching to the “take a break” option>> Reboot>> Come off-break 

It will start showing all the new matches with their pictures, and you would be able to respond to the new conversations as well. 

Here are a few other things you can try:

 Log out of Facebook>> Make sure you’re using the most updated version of the Tinder app>> Restart your phone>> Log back into Facebook and Tinder

  1. Check If Your Google Account Is Out Of Sync?

If your Google account is synced with your phone, then there shouldn’t be any problems. However, when the Google account is out of sync, it will show a sync error dialog box, and eventually, it will cause apps like Tinder to misbehave.

  • Clear the App’s Cache Data 
  • Go to Phone Settings menu (gear icon)>> Applications>> Manage Applications>> Find Tinder app>> Click on it and select Clear Cache and Data>> Reboot your Smartphone 
  • Also, sync your device time and date properly as it is important for Tinder to work properly

You can try these steps first, else there are other methods mentioned below that will work. 

  • Uninstall And Reinstall The App

Make sure that if there is a problem with Facebook permissions, updating the apps should be your first priority. With the latest version of Tinder, everything should go smoothly. 

First, you need to uninstall Tinder from your phone but don’t worry as it won’t delete your account, it would just delete the app data from the phone. 

  • Open your Facebook account>> Go to Settings>> Select Apps and Websites>> Turn Off and then turn ON the permission for Tinder
  • Log off from Facebook (where you are using Tinder) and then log back into Facebook
  • Then Delete the Tinder app on your Smartphone
  • Go to the App Store or Play Store and download Tinder again
  • Install it and log in via Facebook again

This will resolve the Tinder login problems once for all. 

  • Downgrade your Tinder App

Another technique is to downgrade the Tinder app if you are already using the latest version of Tinder. You can fix some of the above errors by downgrading by clicking on the three dots>> Click Uninstall 

  • Downgrade your Facebook App

You can also Uninstall the current version of Facebook, and then install a previous version and you will see that most of the dating stuff will start working again. You can also download an older version of Facebook by typing “ download Facebook older version” on Google. Uninstall the current version or deactivate it so it will go to the fabric version after update. Once done you will finally see all the older messages and can reply too.

  • Use APK File To Sideload Tinder

If all the options do not work, then you can install Facebok from a downloaded APK. Unlike Apple, the Android OS is quite flexible and lets you do much more to your phone like installing apps from other sources without Jailbreaking your phone. If you are on an Android platform, you can either install apps from the Google Play store or with the help of APK file to sideload them.

All you need to do is to enable Unknown Sources in the Privacy settings and then you can install an app that comes packaged in an APK file. However, sideloading an app using APK files has its own risk. There are many applications like NViso ApkScan that lets you check how safe an APK file is and gives a detailed report on it as well. You can check any file without any size limit and it’s fast and easy too. 

Some users have also faced issues while logging into Tinder when using their mobile data, so try using a Wi-Fi connection to log in. Finally, as mentioned above, you can use the official Tinder website to use the desktop version for solutions to the Tinder app not work.  If you follow the above techniques, it will help resolve most of the Tinder not working issues easily. Do leave your comments and what worked for you. 

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