The Windows Search feature is a versatile tool that has far more uses than simply helping you to search for general information. It can be used to quickly locate a wide variety of items like documents, folders, email, photos, music, videos, and items in control panel and other installed programs. Through its narrow searches you can find specific items quickly and the utility is quite useful for users. However, at times it just stops working and the queries start showing incomplete results. The search box taskbar becomes unresponsive, gives a broken or blank search, or a black box. 

The problems can be many but the steps given below to troubleshoot the windows search not working issues will help resolve most of the common issues in Windows 10. Whatever the reason be, if you are facing a problem with the Windows Search on Windows 10, you can follow the steps below and successfully resolve the problems, including fixing of any buggy update that tends to breaks the experience.

Here’s the simple guide to fix the problems with the Windows Search feature on working your device.

Causes of Windows 10 Search Problems

Windows search working problem can be due to a software issue, network-related issues, or that the search system itself is facing an interruption of service. The solution can vary from following some simple steps also used in troubleshooting other minor errors to more advanced ones which are all explained below.  

How to Fix Windows 10 Search Problems

  1. Check Your Internet Connection:

A simple give away; before attempting anything further, you can check if your internet connection is working properly.  

  • Restart Your Device:

Another basic advice, but there’s a solid logic why this is the first port of call for troubleshooting most Windows error. Fresh boot-up fixes many minor issues, helps to resets all the temporary configurations, removes disk-cache glitches, flushes memory, and other issues that adversely affect the system performance. 

  • Check If The Windows Search Service Is Working:

 Search service not running may be the reason why the Windows Search Service isn’t working. Although this is a system service and it runs automatically still it helps to check if it’s running. 

Open Windows Search by pressing Win+R>> Type “Services.msc”>> press Enter. If it shows “Running” in the Status column, right-click it and select Restart. In other cases, it may be disabled or has a blank Status, you can again right-click on it and Start.

  • Kill windows 10 process and restart to fix search option:

Restart the Windows 10 process that controls the search element to fix the windows search issues. 

Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys and open Task Manager window

  • Click on Details tab>> Right-click SearchUI.exe process>> select End task 
  • After you end the search task, it will start automatically. If it doesn’t, then you can reboot the computer and check if the search has now been fixed.  
  • Use the System File Checker
  • Open the Command Prompt Windows+R>> type “cmd”>> Select Run as administrator”
  • Not type sfc /scannow>> hit Enter

The SFC utility scans your system files for any corrupted files, detects errors, and will automatically replace and fix them. You can also try to run the command in Windows 10 safe mode rather than trying it on the regular Windows 10.  

  • Fix Windows Search Using Troubleshooter

Running Windows Troubleshooter can also help to zero down on the actual problem and head users in the right direction to fix the issue. Windows Troubleshooter can help rectify the Windows 10 search bar not working.

  • Go to Settings>> Click Update & Security>> Click Troubleshoot
  • Under “Find and fix other problems” >> Select search and Indexing option>> Click on the Run the Troubleshooter button
  • Select the appropriate problem you are facing like ” Files don’t appear in search results” etc
  • Click the Next & follow the directions and verify if the Windows Search service is working now
  • Fixing Windows Search By Using Index Settings

At times, Windows 10 may have forgotten where certain curtail files and folders are. Rebuild the Windows 10 search indexing options to enable it to relocate these forgotten files and folders and repair the search indexing files in your Windows Search which may have been corrupted. 

  • Go to Control Panel>> switch on “Large icons” at the top right>> Click Indexing Options>> Click Advanced>> Click Rebuild.

The process may take some time, so you need to wait till the process is complete.

  • Repairing Search With Command Prompt
  • Press Windows key + R for Run command
  • Type “cmd”>> Enter
  • To launch the troubleshooter type “msdt -ep WindowsHelp id SearchDiagnostic“>> Press Enter:
  • Click on Advanced option>> Put a check on the Apply repairs automatically option>> Click Next & continue as directed 
  • Disable/Restart Third-Party Antivirus

Based on wide feedbacks, it can be inferred that certain programs including some anti-virus cause Windows Search to malfunction. Instead of removing, you can check if disabling the anti-virus temporarily helps. Instesd, you can also install Windows defender which is equally helpful instead of an antivirus.

  1. How To Fix Search Using Windows Update

At times new updates can help fix certain functionalities but it may be the reason for the feature to break. 

  1. Install Windows Update To Fix Windows Search Problems

If it has been a while since you last updated your Windows 10, its time to go for the latest update to fix the Windows Search not working issue.

  • Open Settings>> Click Update & Security>> Choose Windows Update
  • Click the Check for updates button>> Install an update if available

Once the latest maintenance update is installed, it should resolve the problems on your computer.

  • Un-Install Windows Update To Fix Windows Search Problems

A faulty Windows 10 update may also be the cause of Windows Search not working properly. Uninstalling the Windows update is another way to fix the Windows 10 problem.

You can select ‘Update & Security’ from Settings>> Go to View update history>> Uninstall updates>> Select the last update you installed before the search problems began.

  1. Repair Windows Installation

You can repair the Windows installation by first creating a bootable Windows 10 installation disk or USB, and then launching it. Follow the instruction till the “Ready to install” screen and then select the option “Keep personal files and apps”. This will help keep your vital data while refreshing the Windows installation. In case you don’t see it selected as a default, then you can click on “Change what to keep” >> Select “Keep personal files and Window settings”. Once the process is complete, it will install the latest version of Windows 10 while retaining all your data.

This may be an extreme measure and therefore it is suggested to try the other fixes suggested above before resorting to this fix.  The above steps will help tackle the Windows Search Not Working issue in most cases. Do let us know if you are able to resolve the Windows Search issue or in case you are facing other related errors and we will try to cover it in our next edition. 

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