YouTube is the world’s most popular video streaming and sharing website. The service is so massive that YouTube has introduced multiple apps for browsing all sorts of content. Different YouTube apps let users explore various parts of YouTube in different ways. There are apps like YouTube TV, YouTube Music app, YouTube Kids, YouTube Studio which cater to a different category of user and meet their specific purposes.  

Why Is My YouTube App No Longer Working?

Although these apps are easy to install and work well even on slower internet speed and come with various nifty features like slid show preview, linking the original YouTube to the app thereby retaining all your subscribed channels and liked videos in the app itself. It also has the ability to share and send video to other apps. However, YouTube app is not bereft of issues and errors like app freezing, not supporting 4k playback and application becoming unstable, and more. 

YouTube App Not Working Issues

  • YouTube app or videos not loading 
  • Users are unable to login to their YouTube account from within the app
  • Connection lost or the loading circle keeps revolves foreve
  • Various account-related options are unavailable
  • YouTube app freezes or completely closes itself 

YouTube App Error Messages:

  • An Error Occurred Loading This Content. Try Again Later
  • YouTube is currently unavailable. Please try again later
  • Error: 400 appears when launching the app
  • YouTube has stopped message appears on the screen
  • Something went wrong message

Here, we will let you know how to fix the YouTube app not working on Android, iPhone, and Android TV. 

#1 Reboot/Soft Reset Your Phone

Foremost, you can try to close too many applications that are clogging the space, and open the YouTube app afresh. You can also reboot your phone by simply powering it OFF and ON again which is also referred to as a soft reset. This will help refresh the system and clean the internal memory of the phone without affecting any saved data.

#2 Try To Ensure That YouTube Services Are Up and Running

It is important to ascertain that it’s your app which is faulty and not the website to troubleshoot it. You can check this by opening on your phone’s browser instead and see if it’s working, but if it isn’t, then you can check whether YouTube is down for maintenance and experiencing a mass outage. There are many dedicated sites to check for YouTube service outage like Down Detector  and Down For Everyone Or Just  which will highlight outages, problems in the last 24 hours reported by other users in your area. You can also head to YouTube’s official Twitter handle @TeamYouTube for any updates on their services down and tentative time to fix it.  

#3 Update YouTube to the Latest Version

Outdated app may cause the application to not load properly or crash. Updating the app helps to get the latest fixes, improvements and new features in it. ‘

  • In Android: Open Google Play>> Click on 3 horizontal lines at the top>> Select My Apps & Games>> Locate the YouTube app and click on the Update tab in front of it – if available.
  • In iPhone: Open App Store>> Select your profile picture>> Look for the pending updates>> Click on the Update button next to YouTube logo
  • How To Update The YouTube App For Android TV?

Press the HOME button on the remote>> Select Apps>> Select Google Play Store app>> Find the YouTube app>> Select Update (In fact, you should update all the essential apps that help in proper functioning of your phone).

  • Once done, you can Power Reset your TV and then launch the YouTube app again to check if the issue is resolved

Note: You can also try downloading one of the best YouTube downloader app or YouTube to mp3 app which lets you download the content faster; up to 3 times and convert the videos in different formats too.

#4 Clear the Clogged up Space on Your Phone

Insufficient space can also lead to the crashing of the YouTube app. To resolve it, you should uninstall some unwanted apps and even remove videos or files you no longer want to keep. 

#5 Check Your Internet Connection

Web video requires a rather heavy bandwidth, and a slow internet connection might be the root cause of the problem. Try opening a few other websites to see they load properly, if not then there are a few things you can attempt. 

  • Reset your phone’s data by refreshing your service provider’s network
  • Reboot your router/modem by turning it OFF for a minute and then turning it back ON
  • If that doesn’t fix it, then you can reset the network to default settings by going to Settings and tap on Reset under General>> Reset Network Settings
  • Else, switch to a different network or use a Wi-Fi connection

#6 Clear the Cache and Cookies In The App

Clearing YouTube’s temporary data like cache and cookies help fix the outdated temporary files and repair the broken elements and load the content better. 

  • In Android: Go to the Settings menu on your device>> Click on Apps>> Select YouTube>> Click on Storage>> Put a check against the options: Clear data, Clear cache, (Clear Data) and see if it resolves the issue. 
  • In iPhone: Go to Settings>> Click on General option>> Click on iPhone Storage>> From the list of apps, locate YouTube App>> Check the Documents & Data option to see how much space each app is taking.
  • If the app is taking more than 500MB, then you need to delete and reinstall the YouTube app.
  • On Android TV: 
    • Select Settings>> Move to TV category >> Select Apps>> Select YouTube>> Select Clear data>> OK
    • Then select Clear cache>> OK
    • Select Force stop next to the app and then reopen Youtube App from the home screen again to see if the issue is resolved.

#7 Disable Extensions

Extensions or add-ons such as web accelerators, adblocks and plugins are meant to provide enhanced functionalities but at times some badly written extensions can do more harm than good. If you want to check if an extension is interfering with the YouTube performance, you can try to play a video in incognito mode.

Else, check which extensions were installed around the time this issue cropped up, and delete those. 

Click on the 3 vertical dots at the top-right>> Select More Tools>> Click on “Extensions”>> Disable the identified ones

#8 Turn on JavaScript

The JavaScript on your device or system needs to be enabled to watch YouTube videos. You can check this by going to Chrome’s Settings>> Click on Advanced>> Click on Privacy and security>> Choose the option ”Site Settings”>>Locate JavaScript & click on the arrow next to it and toggle the button to ON mode

Once you’ve done, reopen the app and see if the issue is resolved. 

#9  Install Adobe Flash Player

Nearly all YouTube videos require the installation of Adobe flash player plugin for running quality video and animation. 

If you are having problems with flash player, YouTube will pop up an error message and will prompt automatically to install the Adobe Flash Player to the latest version.

However, in Android devices, the flash player could be manually installed. But first, you need to enable your device to “Install Apps from Other Sources” instead of Google play. Then go the Adobe website and download and install the flash for android application downloader from here.     

#10 Update the Operating System

The older version of OS is also a plausible reason for the Youtube app crashing. Updating the device to the latest version of the OS enhances the performance of the app and prevent it from misbehaving. Before you update the OS of your phone, take a backup of the phone and connect to a Wi-Fi connection. 

  • In Android: Go to the Settings menu>> Click on About Phone>> Select System updates & click on Update if it is available. 
  • In iPhone: Go to Settings>> General>> Tap on Software Update>> Click Download and Install
  • Android TV: Press the HOME button on remote>> Select Apps>> Select Help>> Choose software update>> Select Software update

#11 Reset the Device

If nothing else has worked, try the good old Factory Reset option to get rid of the YouTube app not working issue. 

  • In Android: Go to Settings>> Click on Backup and Reset>> Click on Factory Data Reset>> Reset Phone
  • In iPhone: Go to Settings >> General Reset and then select Erase All Content and Settings>> Enter your Apple ID & password to confirm the action
  • In Android TV: 
    • Switch OFF the TV>> Unplug the power cable from the TV>> Wait for the LED light to go off>> Plug the power chord back in>> Switch ON the TV 

These are all the effective solutions to the YouTube app not working issues to be followed in sequence to resolve the YouTube errors. Do comment on what has worked for you and if you would like us to take up any other error in YouTube and we will be glad to provide the solution for it. 

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